T-Mobile CIO Envisions SSI at the Heart of a Digital Transformation

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Alex Tweeddale
September 2019
Cody Sanford, CIO of T-Mobile expresses how Self-Sovereign Identity and Identity Governance are imperative for a digital revolution. He highlights that T-Mobile can be a first-mover in this area and acknowledges that the end-goal of this technology is far beyond the scope of just the Telco market: it can completely reimagine identity.

T-Mobile’s Executive Vice President and CIO, Cody Sanford, has recently published an article in Forbes on how Self-Sovereign Identity has the potential to fuel a digital transformation. In the article, Sanford refers to identity management as the key to an ‘Un-carrier revolution’. For context, T-Mobile use the phrase ‘Un-carrier’ to highlight their innovative approach to technology which is divergent to many other traditional carriers.

“[Identity management] determines not only how our businesses interact, but how we interact as human beings.”

Sanford sees SSI as ‘a potential turning point in modern identity’, as it unlocks cross-selling opportunities and builds a web-of-trust where businesses can save significant sums of money on onboarding costs and profile management costs.  

He also does not view SSI as having limited value in the Telco industry by highlighting its revolutionary potential ‘across a wide spectrum of applications’. Sanford envisions a future of an interoperable marketplace in which multiple industries can rely on the same verified credentials and claims.

IDWorks completely supports the comments of Sanford; we share the same aspirations and vision and will be part of the revolution which is to come…

Read the article HERE.

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