IDWorks Supports International Identity Day

20|30 Group
Alex Tweeddale
September 2019
IDWorks recognises the importance of identity in empowering individuals to exercise their rights and freedoms. Just as identity is important for people in the physical world, it is equally important in the digital world. Consequently, it is imperative that individuals understand their right to have control of their real-world and digital identities going forward.

International identity Day is dedicated to understanding the importance of identity, which for people in westernised countries, may not seem like something which is an important issue.

However, currently more than 1 billion people live without any registered form of identity. As such, the UN General Assembly have named it a key sustainable development goal in order to give an identity from birth to all by 2030.

IDWorks believes that self-sovereign identity can facilitate a world where individuals who are unlisted and have limited access to services can still hold a digital identity. This is the end-state which we believe all advocates of self-sovereign identity are eventually aiming for.

IDWorks believes however, that If there is no one who will rely on a self-sovereign identity, then its value in society is minimal. Before SSI can be used as a solution in the humanitarian sector, it must be something which reaches widespread adoption in businesses and in governments–this is the first phase towards the solution which IDWorks is striving towards.

Read more about International Identity Day here.

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