Catalonia to Build on Decentralised SSI

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Alex Tweeddale
September 2019
The Catalan Government has made it clear that Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) can fuel a digital transformation because it is a tool which can be used by individuals to access digital Government services with more privacy. President Quim Torra explains how it can develop the digital economy, whilst simultaneously empowering the citizen.

The President of Catalonia, Quim Torra, has announced a new Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) project named IdentiCAT. The aim of the programme is to make Catalonia the first country in which citizens are the owner, manager and exclusive custodian of their own personal data and digital identity.

Torra hopes Catalonia can replicate the success which Estonia had with its Digital ID system and e-Government, but in a decentralised and self-sovereign model.

The functionality and architecture of Catalonia’s SSI model is yet to be disclosed, however, Torra has explained that the Catalonian government will be the issuer of identity data which the end-user can then control autonomously. The government also stressed that they will not collect citizens’ personal data as part of the scheme.

“The ‘IdentiCAT’ will be the first digital identity at European level, which will be driven by the public sphere and managed by citizens themselves with the aim of becoming standard use in Catalonia.”

With the success of SSI in numerous states in Canada and the prospect of Catalonia implementing a model, it is only a matter of time before other countries realise the potential value which an SSI ecosystem holds. IDWorks will keep close tabs on the development of Catalonia’s SSI model and will seek to be part of the impending digital transformation worldwide.

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