Identity Redefined

Securing and streamlining interactions between individuals and organisations using Self-Sovereign Identity.

The future of identity is here

IDWorks is pioneering the development of a new global system of identity, where trust between people and organisations is absolute.
Identity in its current form is inefficient and fragmented, resulting in rising costs alongside lost revenue, poor customer experience, and an ever-present threat of cybercrime. Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) is widely recognised as the future solution to these concerns. However, our cutting-edge enterprise software, combined with a unique approach to SSI, bring the future of identity, along with its many significant benefits and opportunities, to the present day.


Instantly and accurately verify an individual’s identity, eliminating the risk of identity fraud.


Fast and frictionless onboarding and interaction with new and existing customers.


Build long-term relationships based on trust with individual customers on their terms.


Unlock new opportunities and Increase efficiency of internal processes through automation.


Strengthen and simplify both internal and external regulatory data compliance.


Get ready for the future global growth and proliferation of a universal standard of SSI.

Giving identity back to its rightful owner

Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) is built on the fundamental idea that people should own and control their personal data.
Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) is a new concept of identity management made possible by the emergence of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and the blockchain. With SSI, third-party identity providers become a thing of the past and individuals take ownership and control of their personal information in the form of digital documents called credentials.

At IDWorks, we provide the tools for individuals and organisations to unlock the power of credentials-based SSI and build relationships built on mutual trust, convenience and, perhaps most importantly, owner consent.

A framework for universal identity

Building the framework for an open global network of universal identity from the ground up.
At IDWorks we are creating self-contained intra-company ecosystems using an open standard of SSI, which is both technology-agnostic and built on established W3C standards. This approach not only addresses many of the concerns around identity that currently exist within secure closed networks, it also prepares both individuals and organisations for the inevitable future global proliferation of SSI via a single open network of interoperable ecosystems.

Turbocharge your customer relations

Our enterprise software integrates seamlessly with legacy systems, providing next-generation identity management without disruption.
IDWorks offers two complimentary solutions for complete end-to-end Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) management. Envoy integrates with internal operating systems to enable organisations to send, receive, revoke and request credentials, providing secure identity verification capabilities and real time access to up-to-date customer information. Alongside Envoy, our Sentry SDK enables credential wallet functionality within existing customer-facing mobile apps, allowing individuals to respond instantly to identity verification requests as well as sign up for new services quickly and securely.

Building the world of tomorrow

IDWorks has recently joined the 20|30 group of companies and together we are committed to building a better world through technology.
At IDWorks we are fanatical about technology and passionate about the potential Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) has to change the lives of everyone on our planet for the better. This is an idea shared by everyone within the visionary 20|30 group, which we are proud to be a part of.
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