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Securing and streamlining interactions between individuals and organisations using decentralised identity.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

IDWorks is currently developing a digital certificates solution, to provide security & privacy around sharing verified COVID-19 test results.


Digital Certificates
bringing the UK back to

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Data Safety
& Security


Data Management

IDWorks has created a software toolkit to help public and private organisations better manage their customers' data using decentralised identity.
The way data is currently stored is fragmented, resulting in rising costs alongside lost revenue, poor customer experience, and an ever-present threat of cybercrime.

Using decentralised identity, the customer can store their own data directly on their device in a tamper-proof, reusable and interoperable format.


IDWorks uses secure 'credentials' established by W3C, eliminating the risk of identity fraud


Fast and frictionless onboarding and interaction with new and existing customers.


Build long-term relationships based on trust with individual customers on their terms.


Unlock new opportunities and Increase efficiency of processes through data reusability.


Strengthen and simplify regulatory compliance and data controller obligations.


Get ready for the future global growth and proliferation of a new global standard.

The glue between old and new identity systems

IDWorks' decentralised identity solution is built to interoperate with existing identity management and customer relationship systems.
At IDWorks, we provide the tools for organisations to unlock the power of credential-based decentralised identity and build relationships built on mutual trust, convenience and, perhaps most importantly, owner consent.

There is no expensive overhaul, IDWorks' backend can connect to your existing data management systems. This is not rip-and-replace, this is an evolution.

IDWorks have built their solution using new technical standards established by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Customer consent and privacy by design

Building the framework for an open global network of universal identity, using data protection and privacy as a foundation.
At IDWorks we want to do two things:

Firstly, improve business efficacy by lowering internal data mangement costs and the speed at which customers are onboarded and KYC checked.

Secondly, empower the customer to have more granular and direct control of their data, in line with the spirit and intention of the GDPR, by design and by default.

CertifyMe: Bringing the UK public back to work

Our specific COVID-19 solution CertifyMe is designed to help companies issue, consume and integrate with reusable 'digital certificates' for COVID-19 immunity and exposure.
IDWorks is offering for no license-fee its COVID-19 credentials solution.

CertifyMe is developing and evolving each day as the epidemiological research and work on COVID-19 progresses. It can pair with contact-tracing technology to issue certificates for proof of low exposure to COVID-19.

Further down the line, once there is concrete research on COVID-19 immunity, we hope to create verified proofs of immunity in a portable, reusable, decentralised format.

Building the world of tomorrow

IDWorks is part of the 2030 group. A global innovation group which uses distributed ledger technology to solve real world problems.
At IDWorks we are fanatical about technology and passionate about the potential decentralised identity has to change the lives of everyone on our planet for the better. This is an idea shared by everyone within the visionary 2030 group, which we are proud to be a part of.
VISIT 2030

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